Campaign 1

Result! The MHRA have recommended a box outer warning of "Can cause addiction: For three days only".

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In January of 2009, Dr Brian Iddon MP issued a report entitled "An Inquiry into Physical Dependence and Addiction to Prescription and Over-the-Counter Medication", the full report can be downloaded from

In the recommendations section, Dr Brian Iddon MP recommends "2.3 That the MHRA and the pharmaceutical industry must put warnings about potential dependence on the boxes of products containing over-the-counter codeine as well as prominently in the PIL".

Codeinefree is of the opinion that the MHRA and pharmaceutical industry are unlikely to acceed to this unless threatened with regulatory changes. We are asking you to print off the following letter, sign it and send it to your MP.


You can find out who your MP is by clicking here:-

If you would consider personalising the letter with a little note about your own experiences, this would help make the campaign come alive.