Track 1 - Relaxation

This track is designed to help you relax recognising and releasing any tension in your body and building a growing feeling of calmness and relaxation. This can be a pleasant experience and with practice can lead to a reduction in any feelings of tension and anxiety.
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Track 2 - Relaxation and Pain Reduction

This track is designed to produce a deep feeling of relaxation, and can be especially useful for people experiencing pain. It uses imagery and other mental processes to alter the experience of pain and discomfort. With practice this process can lead to a significant improvement in peoples experience of pain.
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Track 3 - 5 minute relaxation

This track is under 5 min long and can be very useful for those times when it would be good to relax but there doesn't seem to be time.
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Track 4 - Relaxation and confidence building

This track is designed to help you into a deeply relaxed state and to enable you to build self confidence. It is designed for repeated listening in order to gain most benefit. During the induction you will be invited to think of a time in the past when you have felt very confident. Some people have found it helpful to think of a good example of this before listening, so that they can focus on the chosen situation when invited during the induction.
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These tracks were compiled by Rachel Holt, Alison Naylor and Peter Leakey, Clinical Psychologists in the North Derbyshire Psychology Service, Derbyshire County Primary Care Trust.

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(01246) 515520

The recordings here are (c) Health Psychology Dept, Derbyshire PCT.


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